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in this retina display, everything would be sharper. the colors you might see for the ipad mini. some think maybe they'll come out with a gold iphone mini like the gold 5s nicknamed the kardashian. on top of other mobile devices you will be looking for release dates, people think about the mac line, maybe release date for mavericks, the mac operating system. so all those questions, sue, we'll have the details for you as soon as this conference kicks off. >> terrific, josh. we look forward to it. we'll be checking in with josh throughout the hour. >>> another shot was fired in the battle of the tablets today from microsoft, in abu dhabi. shares of microsoft last trade down two-thirds of a percent, up 30% in a year. before john fortt headed inside to apple's event he filed this report for us. >> reporter: yeah, another big tablet announcement today from nokia out of abu dhabi at nokia world. the 2520, new tablet from nokia launching in the u.s. and uk first. then coming to the rest of the world. $499, same price that apple has been with the ipad. initial sense from viewers it's pretty solidly built
of laguardia. earlier this year pilots suffered significant injuries, including a burt retina -- burnted retina. >> we need to trane the pilots to cope with them and train the public on the hazards these can represent. >> experts say the reason we're seeing an increase is the availability of lasers. they're inexpensive and easy it buy online. >> a law signed last year makes it a federal chrome to point a laze are at an aircraft, which is why the fbi is leading the investigation. >> let's start off with a look at what we're tracking this week. it's not so much precipitation as it is colder air. a couple cold shots headed our direction. we get a secondary shot that will come in early next week, so in big warmup after we get the cooldown. we'll look at temps in the 50s. a big is the of canadian air. we'll also see showers spark up wednesday afternoon. looks like a lot of the rain will be from baltimore eastward and north and west likely to stay at least generally dry. there could be some hit or miss showers. again, nice fall colors in towson. same deal in northern pawk buccaneer. parkton un
and the ipad mini gets an upgrade, retina display and m 7 chips and higher price tag. this time around the story is not just about speeds and fees or dimensions of the ipads themselves. it's about how apple expanded the product line for the ipad. now you can get retina versions of both the ipad mini and the full sized ipad and if you don't want retina, just pay $100 less. heading into the crucial holiday season they will square off from more affordable tablets from amazon and google. >> i just need a full computer so i went for the surface pro. it's not just a tablet where you're bound to the app store, it's a full pc basically. >> i bought it because apple doesn't have any of this or kind of devices. >> the reason they are giving stuff away free is that's the new battle front is around the web applications, that's something google does really well. what apple se essentiis essenti is taking that away from google and empowering a good echo system. this was a shot toward google and free stuff they give away. >> reporter: investors are likely wondering what it means for holiday sales and
product in that we're likely to see a new retina display in the ipad mini. that's the only one of apple's ios devices that doesn't have a retina display. that's a huge advancement, that manages internally, my sources are telling me. if it's dealing with battery issues and trying to keep that over ten hours of battery life with a new retina display and they managed to do it somehow. it's a thin body and how they managed to get that much battery life in that form is interesting. it's a new packaging. >> hold on a second. you've got to explain, what is this retina display? what's that mean? >> well, it's what you see on the iphone 5 and the iphone 5s and it's the crystal clear, pixel for pixel view of the screen. so, it's that, you know, apple is the first to really come out with that in the iphone. so you're looking at crystal clear type on your screen, that's the retina experience. other tablets have the similar experience, you have the nexus 7 tablet and some of the new kindle tablets from amazon which boasts this retina style display. >> on the screen right now, clayton, you can't see
in san francisco at 10 a.m. and most expectations looking for an ipad mini with a high res retina display. dow up 38. nasdaq up 20. s&p higher by 6 points. netflix shares are up by 7%. michelle and frank, back to you. >> thank you, jason brooks from kcbs news. >>> trains are rolling but the commute is still a bit of a mess, isn't it? >> it's a headache out there. it's pretty brutal to be honest. if you are heading for the bart system, 45-minute systemwide delays only offering half of the usual bart trains this morning. normally they run about 45 trains at this hour. they are offering 25 trains all other local transits in good shape. i want to talk about the bay bridge commute. we have had a couple of accidents. traffic is backed up into the macarthur maze with the metering lights on. if you plan on making the 880 commute that's going to be a huge headache. we have had a couple of accidents. they are both still out there blocking multiple lanes. the accident northbound 880 at 980 still blocking three lanes of traffic. you can see traffic extremely slow for 880. take 580 instead and save y
november 1st. ipad mini getting an upgrade. outfitted with high-definition retina display. means the screen will be sharper. $399 is the price. launches in november. wasn't all about mobile devices here today. there's a lot of news about apps. you heard the word ilife free with the purchase of mac or ios device. same is true for iwork and mavericks, mac operating system, that's free for user. apple trying to strengthen and build that ecosystem. back to you. >> thank you so much, josh. apple still dominates the tablet arena, of course, but not as much as it used to. for the first time, holding less than 50% of the tablet market share, so will she's products turn the tide around? >> let's talk about it. glenn is from "consumer reports" ben paar from dominant fund. what did you hear, any surprises, anything excite you? >> a couple things. the first one is that it's mostly an upgrade to the ipad but i thought it was brilliant by them to make it thinner and even just changing the name, i think, will get a lot of sales pushing in the right direction. the other thing, all the suites and apps are f
of the company's devices. they are expected to sport the retina display. but apple has reportedly struggled to make the displays that fit the mini. some experts say that could result in a limited supply and translate into lines outside of apple stores when the new mini launches next month. >>> the 49ers' star linebacker aldon smith could be returning to the teen soon. after yesterday's win, jim harbaugh told reporters he might rejoin the team in the next couple of weeks. harbaugh added that he heard things are going well with his treatment. he's being reportedly treated for a substance abuse problem following his second dui arrest a month ago. once out of rehab, he's expected to turn himself into authorities regarding gun charges. >>> the 49ers are in london. they flew their last night from nashville after winning their game against the tennessee titans. this picture was taken by jonathan goodwin and it shows the seating setup. they were greeted by the faithful when the team arrived in london. some of the lucky fans got to meet and pose with patrick willis. they play the jaguars next sunday
will show case a new ipad mini with a retina display. >>> got your traffic and it's a bit of a mess. your forecast too coming up after the break. >>> liza battalones here. getting reports of a new accident in the south bay. 280 approaching lawrence express way. take a look at the bay bridge toll mraz. extremely long delays and can't blame it on a bart strike. bart trains are running. traffic backed up into the maze with a motorcycle accident being cleared from the span beyond the metering lights. you can see traffic virtually stopped now. heading for the rest of the commute, 880 jammed up so many id. here's lawrence. >> a lot of fog out there. delays at sfo of almost an hour and a half. dense fog advisory in the north bay into san jose you go. the fog is spread in the bay as well. 40s and 50s now. cool 50s toward the coastline. 70s and 80s inland. temperatures vary over the next couple days. [ male announcer ] the founder of mercedes-benz once wrote something on et of paper ♪ ♪ the challenge always accepted. and the calling forever answered. ♪ ♪ introducing the all-new 2014
. so you can get a good deal on those. apple ipad mini with retina display. it's a7.9 inch device. a starting price of $399. >> apple wasn't the only one to unveil a new tabblet today >> there is another remarkable device out there to talk about. 3 d printers you've heard about those devices printing objects before your eyes? >> like a miracle. right? >> it s it's amazing. you hear printer you think those machines that spit out paper. 3 d printers create 3 d objects. they wanted to see what they can do. >> you can see people using 3 d printers to make all kinds of stuff. consumer reports just tested out 3 d printers from fr maker bot systems. it turns out they're cool you see them, you design. and outcomes an object. >> what did you don't know how to design a blueprint? >> it's okay. there are a lot of free designs on the web. and you can look for thousands of design autos you'll find ready designs for everything from roses to garden tongs. once setting up the printer you're good to go. >> you do need a little bit of patience if you're going to print with a 3 d printer you're feed
. the newest full size is one inch thick and lighter than before. the ipad mini gets apple's retina screen. >> we want to help our customers create even more amazing stories because we know that this is just the beginning for ipad. >> reporter: the ipad air will go on sale november 1st starting at $499.99. today apple also announced upgrades to its line of laptops and the mac pro will go on sale for $3,000 in december. >>> the fda reaching out to v t veterinarians asking for answers about pets who may have gotten sick after eating jerky treats. >> how the bay area community is rallying and her. >> the wings were clipped this year, but will the blue angels return to san francisco next year? we'll let you know. >> let's take a live look outside. you can see a little bit of fog across san bernardino mountain. we'll have your forecast coming up in about ten minutes. >>> developing story right now. we are learning more tonight about what led up to that train incident that killed a bart employee and a contractor over the weekend. the accident happened saturday just before 2:00 in the afternoon
wifi. the ipad mini comes with a retina display already on the full sized ipad and both come with improved ilife to printable photo books the and apple announced something else today, apple is giving away a lot of products they choose a premium for. mavericks, they're giving that away free. >> until now, pc users have had to pay for upgrades, something like microsoft have relied on to make money. >> the days of spending hundreds of dollars out of your computer is now gone. >> in the future, people are going to be expecting to be getting free updates to the operating systems. that means another question that microsoft's going to have to figure out. now this all comes in the many of what many are calling the tablet war. nokia and we compared the tablets each geared towards different demographics and help you decide which one's best for you. >> they were doing more of it for free. >> it's part of the whole my life suite, so you can print photo books, although you have you to send them to apple to be printed and they make more money off of you. >> thanks julie. >>> not only was s
.7-inch retina display. 43% thinner and just one point instead of 1.4 pounds. a 7 chip and gets 10 hours of battery life. the ipad is not all apple revealed today. show cased a faster mac book pro and new desktop operating system called maverick. >> lighter feel. when you hold it, it will be a dramatically different experience from the previous ipad. this happens every now and then. we have an apple product where all the words and pictures don't do justice to how amazing it is until the moment you pick it up. when you get to do that, you'll understand why we are so excited about this ipad air. >> i think apple needs to keep innovating. there's a lot of competition. if they don't keep up, they are going to fall behind. >> so the new ipad air starts at $499 and the first one's expected to ship out november 1st. just in time for the holiday season. live in san francisco, mark kelly, kpix 5. >> thanks. the september job's report delayed because of the government shut down is finally out. shows 148,000 jobs added last month. not enough to impress analysts. the unemployment rate fell to 7.2. t
with the retina display. looking at the ipad, where it fits in the lineup. around 21% of revenue in fiscal 2012 for apple. the iphone, of course, the big seller. more than 50% of revenue coming from that. yesterday's ipad lineup, let's take a look at that, the mini at 329. ipad 2 largely selling into education-type markets at 399, and the retina display at 499. today, not exactly what we'll see, but it could be something like this. apple could keep around the non-retina mini dropping the price to maybe 279, and the rest of the lineup being similar to what it is today price-wise, faster speeds and feeds. the question is, can apple maintain the advantage they've had in profit share versus all of the rivals like amazon and microsoft trying to get into this market. guys, back to you. >> all right. we're getting down to the actual event here, jon. we'll see you in a little bit. jon fortt in san francisco. >>> we want to bring in david trainer, and tom lesko owns about 28,000 shares. gentlemen, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> david, prior to going negative this morning, it was up for ten day
is what we've got from apple. right now, the ipad mini at $329. the ipad 2 at $299 without the retina display and the fourth generation with retina display $499. what happens today? the rumor is we'll get an ipad mini with the retina display. because the mini has turned into one of the top selling ipads in the lineup, it might make sense for apple to offer one with touch i.d. and the latest chip. there's a question whether they can do that and maintain decent margins. expect to see a design shift in the full sized ipad so it follows more of the design language of the mini, possibly also some cover changes that fit the color scheme of the iphone 5c. it's possible that after tomorrow, the ipad lineup will look more like this. this he keep the nonretina mini around, drop the price to $279. give it an a-6 chip and then you get the layers of pricing on top of that, all the way up to the full size fifth generation ipad. we'll have to wait and see. josh lipton and i will be on-site in san francisco bringing you all the latest news. so tune in to cnbc. >>> meanwhile, nokia is launching its ne
retina display which everybody wanted. incredibly crisp pictures. only weighs one pound. that is what people expected and that's what we're hearing. >> that is enough to get excitet there. ashley: just in time. tracy: i think so, is that a hint? tracy: just saying, anybody out there. ashley: not a subtle one. gus faucher, charles payne thanks for joining us. let's take a break now. >>> as apple unveils new devices coming up in tech minute we'll talk about a senator trying to limit companies abilities to track you on your tablet and cell phone. tracy: plus are you worried that the row pots will come to get you or at least get your job? tweet us. we'll talk to a ceo that has a plan to replace your favorite barista, with a machine. i love this. ashley: isn't that cool? tracy: i love it. ashley: oops, down for the count. hair-raising experience. new promising treatment for baldness. we're live in atlanta with the hairy details. tracy: as we do every day at this time of day, look how oil is trading. it is falling thankfully for at least commuters like myself. of $97.87 a barrel. we have no
a new ipad mini that features the high resolution retina >> reporter:screen that the i=phone and full size i=pad have. >> reporter:- the new i-pads have apple's new speedy a7 chip built in, so they will be a lot >> reporter:faster then existing models. >> reporter:- this surprised me and a lot of journalists there >> reporter:- apple did not build in the new finger print touch id security feature into these >> reporter:new i=pads. that is a dissapointment. and they are keeping their high prices for their tablets... >> reporter:- the new ipad mini with retina starts at $400 and the ipad air starts at $500. >> reporter:- the ipad air hits the market november 1st. >> reporter:- apple did not give a release date for the ipad mini but we expect it to come out in november. gabe slate kron 4 news >> jacqueline: temperatures bart certainly chile coast side. once again, on the warmer side in the low 80s the pleasanton and livermore. >> jacqueline: mainly '60s and '70s as the look ahead at the end of the week we still have those chance of showers in the forecast as the leader by creek we will t
the retina display ipad mini and the retina display ipad air. if you want to pay 100 bucks less, can you get nonretina on both models. you also have os10 mavericks, the mac operating system for free. and when you buy new devices, free applications for both of those. interestingly enough, tim cook in his presentation said, 170 million ipads have been sold as of earlier this month. by my math and talking to analysts that means around 13 million ipads sold in the september quarter, maybe a hair beneath expectations. but overall, pricing for these new ipads should be good for margins. we'll see how this lineup does against a lot of competitors trying to sell tablets for less, maria. >> jon, thank you so much. jack, did you have a question for jon? >> jon, did you see nokia's new machine and how does nokia's ipad look compared to what you're seeing today? >> good question, jack. nokia just rolling out the 2520 in abu dhabi. it's about the size of the full size ipad but builts in cellular wireless connection. that might be appealing. early reviews are positive but they have a tough road to hoe bec
, but several pilots have suffered burned retinas in the past. scott, there have been no crashes or flight disruptions from the laser incidents. >> pelley: elaine, thanks very much. there have been plenty of disruptions this month as people tried to buy health insurance online. the new insurance exchanges set up under the president's health care law have been impossible to navigate for many. we've been doing a lot of reporting on this broadcast on how things went wrong with the software and wyatt andrews has discovered more tonight. >> reporter: the administration claims the federal web site for obamacare is not working because it's been swamped by high numbers of applicants, but software engineers say the web site is bogging down all by itself because of poor design. lev lesokin advises 250 businesses worldwide on web site efficiency. >> the problem is largely structural. >> reporter: lesokin says the site is slowing down because it transmits 10 times more computer code than is necessary. >> what we're seeing is way more burdensome than what you would expect with a typical consumer- facin
retina. pilot steve robertson describes it. >> it was instant pain and burning. i was blinded instantly for a good 15 to 20 seconds. >> reporter: the lasers are easy to buy at office supply stores. >> the most powerful laser you can legally owned. >> reporter: and higher powered versions are a click away. in las vegas last december -- >> someone's shining a green laser at the aircraft. looks like just below my position. >> reporter: the beam just 1/25 of an inch at origin can be two to three feet when it reaches an approaching aircraft. >> the proliferation of laser pointers, increasingly powerful lasers in the hands of the public is a catastrophe waiting to happen. >> reporter: in 2012 pointing a laser at an aircraft became a federal offense. since then people have been charged and can face up to five year s in prison for incidents like this one caught on dallas police chopper video. the government making it clear this is no game, especially for the pilot and passengers on board. kristen dahlgren, nbc news, new york. >>> we turn to politics on a day when a once and possibly future pres
ipads retina come to mini better camera to mini - finger print to ipads - touch id - better siri integration .. the fifth-generation ipad, regular bigger ipad. is expected to get a new slimmed-down design - mavericks next operating system - fall release - and mac pro high end desktop computer the first cylinder shaped tower it's black mysterious, and said to be extremely powerful - never really know could be watching apple tv? - i'll be there tues. oct. 22 10 am follow on twitter @ gs orfacebook gabe slate. and if you'd like to connect with gabe slate. you can add him on facebook, follow him on twitter. or email - slate-at- kron4.com. j- p morgan chase has agreed to pay the u- s government a *13- billion dollar settlement to resolve investigations of the bank's mortgage business. that's according to a u- s official familiar with negotiations between j- p morgan and the justice department. the settlement only applies to certain time frames and investigations -- and does not cover a separate ongoing federal criminal investigation. the deal includes nine billion dollars in fin
, there are a couple of things being floated here. one is the special retina display, something we've already seen rolled out on the iphone which is apple's biggest revenue generator. the ipad, the second biggest revenue generator so we'll get that and might get some thin film instead of glass on the screen. so a couple of interesting high-tech features to keep an eye on. >> ipad mini will get that. geoff cutmore, appreciate it. have a great day. >>> still ahead on "way too early" a shootout in indy, andrew luck takes center stage in the house that peyton built. see if the man who replaced manning could spoil the homecoming. >>> what would you pay to look like justin bieber? i'd say nothing. i would want to get paid to do that. one musician dropped his life savings to do that. when "way too early" comes right back. of providing a free world-class education for anyone, anywhere. if you look at a khan academy video, they cover everything from basic arithmetic to calculus, trigonometry, finance. you can really just get what you need at your own pace. and so, bank of america came and reached out to us
and lighter than previous models. the ipad mini is expected to feature the high definition retina display. both size will come with the ios 7 operating system both installed. >>> when we return, inside a biker as club. we'll hear from a motorcyclist who performs daredevil tricks on the freeway and why he says he can't be stopped. or four cheese lasagna? crunchy taco can i get another one of those actually? [ superfan ] hey, america, we're here to help. ♪ that hasn't been cleared yet. ♪ uh! i just want to celebrate [ male announcer ] every time you say no to a cigarette you celebrate a little win. nicorette gum helps calm your cravings and makes you less irritable. double your chances of quitting. [ male announcer ] staying warm and dry has never been our priority. our priority is, was and always will be serving you, the american people. so we improved priority mail flat rate to give you a more reliable way to ship. now with tracking up to eleven scans, specified delivery dates, and free insurance up to $50 all for the same low rate. [ woman ] we are the united states postal service. [
that it was cumbersome. $499, and begins shipping november 1st and unveiled by the way an ipad mini with a retina display starting at $399. i don't know why i'm being so blasae. i like these things. we all know how apple makes money. they sell product. what about twitter. at 140 characters or less can you explain why twitter makes its money? justin said exposure and the ability to direct a message to a crowd in a concentrated matter. nate tweets i was under the impression that some form of black magic was involved. here's my explanation of how twitter makes its money. by placing paid tweets from peeps you don't follow into your feed, inserting sponsored numbers into friends and selling data. i used peeps to save characters. and tristan says, using paid advertisers. activitier is going to ipo. people like tech companies. tech companies are doing particularly well right now any way and all sorts of people who have nothing to do in the world of investment will rush out and get a piece of this ipo. i can't tell them if that's a good or bad thing to do, maybe you can, but maybe we can explain how this company
is whether or not we were going to see a new retina ipad mini. this is the only ios device that doesn't have the clear retina display. i think they're behind now when it comes to the likes of the nexus 7 tablets out there and some of the other retina screens. according to my sources, we are going to see a retina ipad mini. they've been testing it for a number of months internally. but the biggest issue i'm hearing is battery life. they didn't want to drop below ten hours of battery life to power a retina screen. but apparently they've nailed it and so we're likely to see a brand-new ipad mini today, as well as an ipad 5 and a whole slew of other products. get your wallets ready, guys. >> no kidding. >> speaking of pricing, is that going to change everything? >> well, it could -- it will be interesting to see whether or not they drop the price on the ipad. typically apple likes to do a price drop at each event. when you buy an apple product, you know you're paying for a premium product and they haven't been swayed by the market. amazon comes out with these cheap tablets and you wonder if appl
version of the ipad and ipad mini with a crisper retina display. also a possibility cook will introduce a new operating system. >> time is 6:19. let's turn it over to sal. really unique day out there with bart trains getting going. >> we're seeing more people taking the car. bart trains are running. left a walnut creek station a while ago. now we're hearing of delays that says 30 to 45 minutes. bart says they should be back to full operation by this afternoon. they are adding trains. it is difficult to do this. if you can wait it out and go into the city later this morning if you have that flexibility, you might want to do that. by this afternoon, normal service. you can take shuttle buses that are not being used.seat at this point becausee are buses sitting there empty. you can tell this is crowded. i want to pull that up if i can. it's backed up on 24, 580, westbound 80. you can cut your commuteceweets coming in. casey is out in concord and said it's cold. and cassie jean said it's freezing. inland, coast, doesn't matter. there's pretty cool temperatures here. if you want to tweet me
knows that customer is king. the government seems to think it is king. apple's retina displays making it easier on your eyes. reading the healthcare law makes you want to stick needles in your eyes. apple makes life simpler, the government makes life harder. could i go on about one being sleek and the other a slob, one getting the details ago and the other nothing right, about one making promises it can keep and the other making promises it can't remember, one delivering and another lying. a company that remembers this vision of its founder named jobs and the other, just getting to the monstrous law is a job. one is a piece of marketing pesk. the other just a piece of -- of work. that is what really irks me. anybody comparing this rollout to anything apple rolls out, night and day. darn near good and evil. one is an apple. the other, the pits. >>> again, that's just me. to former ceo john scully. john, obviously going back to your old haunt and releasing new products today, a lot of people glom on to the apple standard and being like apple. very few companies, lit alone political inst
, upgraded with a high point retina display, meaning the screen is sharper. there were also reports about software today, and free was a word you heard a lot today. maverick free for users and apple really trying to build and strengthen that ecosystem. larry? >> did they succeed? a lot of expectations on this. >> reporter: absolutely. i think for apple investors they're going to see the apple has defended its hardware margins. on the software side, the idea being if they can bring in those users and engage those users in their ecosystems, on monday we get apple's earnings and results and you're going to look for what's the supply on the 5s and demand for the 5c. >> the stock market is up to another all-time record high. gold gained $24, the greenback fell. let break down today's market action. welcome. ron, you're worried. tell me why. >> i think 2014 you have markets that earnings are at an all-time high compared to gdp. analysts think earnings are going to be up 14% and gdp will be up 2%. i don't think that bodes well for the market, which has been really driven by multiple expansion, n
, $2,999. for professionals, macpro. >> this new 13-inch one, it has a retina display, nine hours of battery life. in fact somebody there said you could watch the black knight trilogy from cover to cover without publish. >> and never plug in and never have to worry about immigrant now what i do with my computer at work, i'm constantly pinging on the screen trying to get things to happen because i'm so used to my ipad. >> i don't know how much these are. >> million gazillion dollars. it's like you died and went to apple heaven in here. >> now, for people who want to still buy the ipad 2, the price didn't go down at all. >> we're seeing it -- listen, these people want to maintain their leverage in pricing. do what i do. buy the reverb version on the apple site. find the older products, they sell them cheaper. sometimes they're versions that didn't sell. >> nokia, a little late to the party, but just a little while ago looking at the new nokia, and it's good looking. >> this whole category dish haven't seen it but the whole category is changing. >> there's video on the screen right n
$400 ipad mini has an hd retina display, comes in four colors. oh boy. both community tablets have the io7 mobile operating system that allows you to use your fingerprint instead of password. >> you know how they will end up under your christmas tree? shoppers are expected to spend a lot more money on gifts overall for 2013. a survey finds people plan to spend $421 and that's 8% up from last year. the first time, consumers say their number one shopping destination, the internet. >> it will be for most men. >> there's no doubt about that. now, if you haven't heard, tim and kanye are engaged and he pops the question in a crazy extravagant way. we'll show you. >>> wondering whether you should get that flu shot or not? stick around, we have new information that could have you skeptical. are you skeptics changing your mind? >> makes your arm sore. >> we have more on the kansas city family that thinks that little girl found in greece just might be their daughter who has been missing for years who has been missing for years now. "i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for governor, and i spo
, the devices will feature a crispier retina display and new colored devices including gold. when it was released the gold iphone 5 was a smash hit and hard to find making it extremely popular. reports say the same could happen with the gold ipad. >>> are you ready for the world series? the table is set for major league baseball's fall classic. first pitch is wednesday when the boston red sox play the st. louis cardinals. on thursday, the cnn film "blackfish" premiers right here. the movie traces the 39-year history of killer whales in captivity leading up to a 2010 incident in which an experienced seaworld trainer was killed by the 12,000 pound orca. >>> friday, good news for furloughed federal workers. they start seeing back pay. the government shutdown froze their paychecks for about three weeks. about 400,000 workers were furloughed during the 16-day shutdown. your weekly five. >>> tonight anthony bourdain visits a small restaurant in johannesburg that provides a large taste of africa. >> on today's menu -- >> i made this for you. they usually use -- >> beef stewed with melon
for a product refresh on both the ipad mini and the ipad with retina display. and the third face could see the i watch and an actual apple television. but for today, i'm looking for a thinner, faster processor and the core retina display ipad and then for the mini to also have a retina display. >> is that a big driver of sales for the holiday season? >> i think the big driver is going to be having a product refresh. so if you look at the june quarter, sales on the ipad were a little on the slow side. so i think that having new products, both at the upper end of the tablet market and an ipad mini, that could be a big driver for holiday sales for apple this year. >> what does it mean for the prices of the existing products? it usually comes down. what does it mean for apple after this? >> i think they'll lower the price of the existing mini and the existing -- you know, the tablets have continued to produce some of the last generation devices, even when they roll out a new product, which isn't always the case for the smartphone. they may keep the most recent iteration of smartphones, but discontin
pad mini 2, and it better come with retina display. i'd like to see them, enter lower price tablet market. i think that could be a great strategy keeping the old ipad mini at $229 price point. >> we're not going to see that. >> do you really think apple will release the current ipad mini at $229? >> i think it's a smart play for apple. >> that price -- >> the business -- >> what is apple going to do? china? >> they're going to sell the mini at $349. >> it's overpriced. everybody is outpricing apple in the market, the list goes on. apple needs to drop the price and play competitively in markets where there's growth. >> it will be a fundamental revolution 6 their business model. apple sells products at high margins. if you want them to do that, that's fine but it's not part of their dna. >> it's a high margin, year old parts coming in cheaper than last year. >> when the ipod came out, there were very few competitors that ate into their market, so they were very dominant early on. then when the iphone came out, it was sort of the same story, even though that was a more crowded market. with t
with the retina display. we haven't heard that yet. but i can tell you what we have heard. they announced the price and release of apple's new operating system. it's called maverick. it was eye opening. they said they were going to release it for free, which is new for apple. they also introduced and updated the macbook pro line. they said it was going to be lighter, thinner, faster. we anticipated this was going on an announcement. they also announced the new mack pro desk top, which they've been handing out to artists like lady gaga. everybody's loving this. they said it'll be available by the end of the year. i will say tim cook kind of -- he was digging at his competitors a little bit in his opening speech. he said, our competition is different. he said, they're confused. he said they chased after netbooks. now they're trying to make pcs into tablets and tablets into pcs. we have yet to hear about the actual ipad, which is what we're all waiting to hear from. >> we're excited. there's a war going on, a tablet war going on right now. so where does apple stand in this war? >> i would sa
mini with improved chip and upgraded retina display. in announcing the new product, ceo tim cook took a not-to-shuttle strike at rival microsoft. >> our competition is different. they're confused. they chased after netbooks. now, they're trying to make pcs into tablets and tablets into pcs. >> cook said apple still believes in the mac computer. as part of that commitment, apple says it will now give users its late ers mac operating system and iware software suite for free. >>> it's a spectacular part of fleet week that was grounded this year. now, there's word that the blue angels are coming back. >> now, to julie haener in the ktvu news room with what we're working on at 6:00. >> laughing as they burglarized a home. >> i mean, here's two guys, almost looked like they're having a good time. >> the brazen crime striking a raw nerve in a south bay community. >>> then inside into the accident na killed two bart workers. we investigate how a fast-moving train could have caught them both by surprise. these stories and much more coming up new at 6:00. >>> new details now on the roll out of
retina display, possibly with a fingerprint sensor, and the color scheme of both those ipads is expected to match the iphone 5s. we had the space gray, champagne gold and also the silver. we may also get a new macbook pro. but here's the thing. we're talking evolutionary and not revolutionary. in other words, basically an upgrade similar to the iphone 5s. but as for what's happening in the tablet space, apple obviously has the biggest share of the global tablet market, it's got 33% followed by samsung with 19% and then there's all those others, there's acis, lenovo. but it's a day of lots of presents. you have microsoft's new surface 2 and surface pro 2 tablets and it's got to remain to be seen how much of a serious threat that is. also nokia's hand set business soon to be part of microsoft coming out with six new devices, including their new first tablet computer. so if you're into gadgets, today is quite your day. >> holy hannah, we can have a tablet for every day of the week, right? >>> netflix, more subscribers than hbo now? >> mm-hmm. as a result of that they came out with its earni
the fact it's ipad and takes advantage of the great ecosystem. >> if this does not include retina, and there's a lot of indications it won't, will that be seen as a disappointment? >> absolutely. absolutely. i've been bullish on the fact that apple needs to come out with the retina ipad mini if only they've got it on the rest of the lineup and all of the competitors including amazon have it in their small form factor devices. if apple doesn't come out with rhett etina ipad mini it's a disappointment. >> thank you. >> christina warren, thanks to carolia. julia boorstin, breaking news on facebook. >> facebook has told us the service is back up to 100% after service outage this morning. facebook was working and you could access photos and news feed, but it wasn't possible to post status updates or a like on other people's comments or photos. restricted service. so facebook says they're back up 100%. we're waiting for a statement which we should have any minute. back to you as soon as we get it. >> all right. thank you very much. shares down about a half percent. not taking it too har
, with a high resolution retina display. microsoft and ikea are also expected to announce new products as tech firms gear up for the holiday shopping season. >>> this morning, so many whys amid heartbreak and another american town dealing with a school shooting. marine turned math teacher lost his life at the hands of a middle school student who then turned the gun on himself. stephanie elam join us from sparks, nevada. fwm, stephanie. >> reporter: good morning, carol. officers did not get off one shot, but it didn't matter, before all of this tragedy happened here at the middle school in sparks. trying to make sense of a senseless killing. the small desert community of sparks, nevada, came together in prayer last night. this, after chaos and tragedy at a local middle school. >> active shooter, sparks middle school. two down in the playground. one victim in the cafeteria, one in the hall. >> reporter: students were waiting for the morning bell to ring and then shots fired. >> people started running and screaming. i started running and then we heard another gunshot. >> the kid started getting m
event in san francisco. apple, among other things, announcing a redesigned ipad 5. they have a retina display in the mini. you have microsoft coming out with new surfaces. noe key ya for the first time getting in on the tablet action. here's the charts. three years ago, only 4% of you had a tablet. it has surged to september 2013, 35%. today's a big day. the tablet wars are officially on. you can go through our "today" app and take our survey. what's your favorite tablet? apple, microsoft, samsung, other, none. we'll do that in the next half hour. back to you. >> all right, carson. >> more people have tablets instead of computers now. >> when i have my computer, it's like a mainframe. >> a dinosaur. >> people who use apple use it ten times more than other folks with tablets. >> interesting. >>> coming up, the fbi getting involved in a case of the so-called blond angel. a little girl found in greece. is there a chance she's a missing american girl? >> then the breakthrough technique that could be a huge leap forward in finding a cure for baldness. yes, al, eureka. but first, this is "t
retina, according to the fbi, which is leading the investigation. >> we need to train pilots better how to cope with them, we need to train the public in the hazard that these things can represent. >> experts say part of the reason we may be seeing an increase in incidents is because they're inexpensive and available online. the faa is exploring potential laser eye protection for pilots like special glasses, military pilots already wear laser protection. right now there's no evidence of terrorism, but the fbi is investigating because pointing a laser at a plane is a federal crime. michaela? >> it's a federal crime but also doesn't seem like the easiest thing to pinpoint who is the offender when it's happening. >> yes, this is a tough one and the fbi, they know the general area where the plane was flying over when the pilot experienced this flash of light coming into the cockpit, but in that press release that the fbi put out, they are clearly asking the public for their help if you've seen anything. so not an easy thing to investigate, but taking it very seriously, because the consequen
processor. for the first time the retina display which would be much crisper display with the rivals in that category. jenna: interesting, rivals for apple. how do these appear against their competitors? >> that is what everybody is waiting to see, what exactly they will have on there. the larger one is one of the most profitable products they have out there. they cannot charge as much for them to have a much smaller profit margin. i have a lot of stiffer competition out there right now. microsoft launching the service today. i've always seems to upstage the rivals with their own announcements. quickly come out with a note this week that it's resonating through the market in that they're expecting android, the google operative system to expand nearly half of the market share in the tablet space while the apple market system rose marginally in the next year. it'll be a bigger part of the market, but again it is bad news for the bottom line because they are not playing in that arena with the lower prices to go into it. watching very carefully announcement happens. jenna: hopefully mean
intense after-images on the pilot's retina. these distractions may last up to several minutes. they take one pilot out of the loop and have another pilot having to do all the flying and monitoring by himself for some period of time. close to landing or after takeoff it could lead to a critical situation. >> what can you do about it other than chasing down 00 each individual that you catch? >> well we certainly need to increase awareness among the general population about how risky these events. are but i think well publicized prosecutions and if these lead to significant jail time in large volumes as this one might, this gentleman in oregon is facing five years in prison and a $250,000 fine. hopefully, will discourage this kind of dangerous behavior. >> you talk about this new awareness. is there any training you can do for pilots? >> you know it's almost like the bird strike issue. the kind of guidance we've gotten so far has been general and not particularly useful. i look forward to getting better guide answer for crews in cases like this. >> captain sully sulle
flash blindness and can leave intense after-images on the pilot's retina. these distractions may last up to several minutes. they take one pilot out of the loop and have another pilot having to do all the flying and monitoring by himself for some period of time. close to landing or after takeoff it could lead to a critical situation. >> what can you do about it, other than chasing down 00 each individual that you catch? >> well, we certainly need to increase awareness among the general population about how risky these events. are but i think well publicized prosecutions and if these lead to significant jail time in large volumes as this one might, this gentleman in oregon is facing five years in prison and a $250,000 fine. hopefully, will discourage this kind of dangerous behavior. >> you talk about this new awareness. is there any training you can do for pilots? >> you know, it's almost like the bird strike issue. the kind of guidance we've gotten so far has been general and not particularly useful. i look forward to getting better guide answer for crews in cases like this. >> captain s
in san francisco. insiders anticipate the ipad 5 and an ipad mini with retina display. the release date for a new operating system for mac computers and mac laptops. >>> the "chicago sun-times" the head stone of an iraq war veteran have been removed at an ohio cemetery that says the marker is inappropriate. the seven-foot gravestone is shaped as a smiling spongebob squarepants. the cemetery said the employee who approved the design made an error in judgment. officials are offering the family compensation for the gravestone and an identical one next to you. the "salt lake tribune," the boy scouts fired two leaders who filmed themselves toppling an ancient boulder. the men said they tossed the boulder because they were worried it could fall on somebody. but the boy scouts said they violated the leave no trace rule. the men could still face criminal charges. ringo starr is asking for help on his quest to fund the identities of the people in this photo, ringo took the photo during the beatles first trip to the u.s. back in 1964 when their cars passed each other on the freeway. it's part of
pointers are dangerous to pilots and they can even cause serious injuries like a burned retina. anyone caught pointing lasers at planes could be charged and $11,000 per violation is what they could be getting. >>> and he's known for his quirky socks, but former president george h.w. bush said his wife has had enough of them, so he's donating a particularly flashy one to charity, to get one shown in the picture with former president bill clinton, they will be auctioned off in a fund-raising event for the catholic diocese. >>> would you buy someone's used socks? >> you had a couple up on ebay. >> pu. >> it's a whole different business. >> at that point she's still making him get rid of his socks? honey, how many years have you been married? >> honey, there are holes in these, come on. >> that could be the case. maybe that's it. >>> here's what it looks like when you wake up this morning. really cold air has settled in across parts of the southern plains and temps in the upper 20s across the panhandle of texas. 44 as you wake up in dallas. it's all behind this front right here moving thro
announcement was the ipad mini is going to be faster. it comes with that retina display everybody's been asking about. also comes in white, gray, and black. starts at $399. shipping later in november. exciting for consumers because they're keeping the older ipad mini on the market for only $300. apple has lots of stats when they hit the stage with these kind of presentations. they've sold 170 million ipads to date. they have 81% of the consumer market share. this is huge news. >> it's huge news, but the competition is trying to stay in there. what's this other tablet? there are other brands competing with this, right? >> yes, try they will. let's call it tech tablet tuesday. today alone microsoft unveiled their surface pro and surface 2. also, nokia has entered into the tablet space. the tablet world is locked up by apple, but i think there's a chance in the corporate world. i think samsung when we talk about tablets and phones, they have a really good shot on the phone side in their galaxy lineup to compete with apple. as the holidays press on, it's always exciting as we hit the fourth quarter
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